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Navy Street Digital

We're passionate about creating online infrastructure that helps businesses make more money.

Our mission is simple.

We want to build and maintain online success for our clients.

Our story

In the beginning, our plan was to bring smart, functional, easy-to-use websites to local small businesses.


After realizing the incredible power of social media as a marketing tool, we evolved from Navy Street Design into Navy Street Digital - a small team of web designers, communication experts, social media strategists, and content creators dedicated to producing the highest level of work for our clients.

We leverage powerful tools, expert know-how, and a creative human touch to develop and manage ROI-driven websites and social media campaigns.


By listening to ideas and questions, fully understanding our clients' businesses and taking every bit of information into account, we're able to deliver outstanding results.


We look forward to helping your business soar!

What we do

We optimize your online presence & promote your business to the right audience, helping you generate more revenue.

Website Design

Beautiful, custom websites built to boost brand authority & increase conversions.

Social Media Ads

Highly effective social media marketing campaigns with real, measurable ROI.


We deliver information that's easy to understand. No obscure terms or highly technical language - we communicate clearly at all times, making your experience with us more comfortable and transparent.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our approach to design and marketing puts knowledge & expertise at the centre of what we do. We reduce guesswork and focus on proven methods of generating online growth and success.

Ease of Use

We empower business owners by giving them full control of their websites. Our web design software allows for quick turnaround and exceptional ease of use. You don't need to be a wizard to maintain your own website!

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